Worship Services

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We are called to conduct worship services in all types of facilities. These services are to glorify God and encourage individuals to realize their place in the body of Christ. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to schedule a service in your facility.

Reverend Theresa C. Taylor is an ordained pastor through International Ministerial Fellowship. She loves to share her testimony and/or preach on topics related to disability, suffering, loss, etc.

We acknowledge the privilege to share the sacraments in alternative settings. For example, partaking in communion with a homebound individual. Sacraments represent an outward expression of Christ and please contact us to talk about your needs.

Interactive Learning Opportunities


God has placed a call on our hearts to facilitate training opportunities to help Christian organizations include people with disabilities. These sessions are tailored to each church and/or para-ministries. We have conducted day long workshops, taught Sunday school classes, facilitated Bible studies, just to name a few examples.
Our desire is to encourage the Christian organization to realize their potential and affirm their accomplishments in welcoming all to the great banquet.


We welcome the opportunity to come and share the love and good news of Jesus Christ with Individuals in need of fellowship. We are happy to visit individuals in, but not limited to, hospitals, prisons, and assistive living facilities.

Pastoral Counseling

Reverend Theresa C. Taylor has a Bachelor’s of Science in Child Psychology and is a candidate for a Bachelor’s of Art in Law Criminology and Deviance. She is a graduate of Bethel Seminary with a Master’s of Divinity in Children and Family Ministry.

Reverend Theresa has received her Doctor of Ministry degree in Congregation and Family Care with an emphasis in Pastoral Care through Bethel Seminary. She is available to do short term counseling with special needs individuals and/or their families. If you would like a copy of her thesis, fill out a contact form and one will be emailed.


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These mini retreats promote networking. They provide a venue where individuals with disabilities and their families can acquire an inward knowledge of how God can use them to increase His kingdom. They also provide: accessible recreation, worship, adaptive recreation.

Please note our services are free, but donations help to expand the kingdom and are welcomed.

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