“Alexa” Bible Resources

I wanted to share some resources that I find handy on Amazon Echo devices. I would also love hearing from you what you have found.

First, it is fantastic to see all the churches that have made their worship services into podcasts. These podcasts can then be played on your echo device. You could listen to a different church service each week and by the end of the year you would not have exhausted the number of sermons available through the internet. Simply ask Alexa to help you find a sermon or a Christian podcast.

You can also read the Bible on Alexa. She will read chapter and verse or a topic. You can also read any Bibles you have in your Kindle or Audible library. It is a great great resource to just ask Alexa to start reading this or that part of the Bible. 

There are also many Bible studies available for you to learn from. These are offered in a variety of styles and denominations. I searched under Bible studies in my Alexa App and I was pleasantly surprised by all the resources at my fingertips.

Finally, there is so much Christian music available for your listening pleasure. there are hymns to modern praise and worship. Some of these services do not require a streaming source. 

There are many valuable devotional resources. One of my favorite is “Our Daly Bread”. They have a daily encouragement. You can also search the Alexa App for your favorite artists and they may have a devotional. Casting Crowns is one that I follow. Their daily devotional shows up in my daily flash briefing. 

I hope that you have fun exploring all the resources available to us as Christians on Amazon’s echo devices. NO, I am not working for Amazon…just wanted to share the wealth of opportunities this technology opens up to us. I would love it if you also share your treasure hunting finds with me.

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