Darkness cannot “Drive out Darkness: Only Light Can do That….Hate cannot Drive out Hate: Only Love can do That”! – Martin Luther King Jr.

Micah 6:8

He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.
    And what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly and to love me
    and to walk humbly
[a] with your God.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday is a time where I love to sit and reflect over being a servant of God’s work. The title of this blog is a quote from him that I absolutely cannot get enough of. The political climate is so negative and hostile lately that I just want to write this quote everywhere. I also take time to reflect on my own bitterness and the potential darkness that I may be spreading.

Have you ever taken a good look at yourself in respect to hate and other negative things. Do you tend to be a person who complains a lot? Maybe you get stuck on the times when you have been wronged….or do you tell the world about the kindness that happened? I am getting better and better, but I still do hold onto those annoying and hurtful circumstances.

God reveals to us in this verse that everything from him isgood! We need to “act” justly, “love” mercy and “walk” humbly.

Today I want to look at the first command…”act justly”. When we have been wronged in anyway….God does not want us to get or show revenge. He doesn’t want us to gossip about it and put that other person down repeatedly. The attitudes that gets into the public eye more times than not…is to stamp the other person out…no matter what. 

I want to clarify that you should not put yourself in a situation that will continue to cause harm or discomfort to yourself. Everyone has a right to walk away. Walking away though is just that. You don’t send scathing words or actions towards the other person. We will continue to look at the other parts of this verse to get ideas for our tool belt on how to react when we have been treated unjustly.

I strongly recommend a devotional that I have been doing by Reverend Bernise A. King, “Cultivating a Heart of Mercy”. this has been a thought provoking study that helps give us practical ways to react when we are unjustly treated.

It is my prayer that you can receive hope and comfort in this process of reflecting on how we act. Spiritual growth can sometimes leave us feeling uncertain, but when we try to put God’s Word into practice The Holy Spirit will be right there to help us along. Remember you are a child of God and his love is infinite!

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