There are six dorms on the property. Three are gathered together in the main campus and 3 are together in the upper campus. These dorms have maximum capacity of 100 guests. Each room will have a different arrangement to fit all needs. Some rooms will contain four beds while others may contain two queen beds. Each room has a bathroom. There are also showers that are accessible for mobility impaired guests. The rooms are carpeted and contain dressers and desks for each guest. There are entrances to each room. An important benefit is that there is all ready a security system in place for more vulnerable guests who may wander at night. When the door is opened it will alert a night watch person through a flash on their monitor. This will allow safety, but still provide dignity to the guests.

These rooms are large and can easily hold several pieces of equipment. We also have back up generators to insure that in a power outage our guests will not experience any shortage of electricity especially for our guests depending on oxygen or other medical devices. There are also two other generators that keep the education and Clark house powered with electricity.

All linens will be provided for our guests and there are several washer and dryers with in the dorm areas and in most of the buildings. There will be housekeeping staff to help take care of daily needs and also the washers and dryers will be available if the guests prefer to handle their own laundry needs.

The dorm located on the main campus is an easy walk to the other buildings. The other dorms will have a people mover to help facilitate the half mile distance. These people movers will be able to accommodate wheelchairs, children under five, mobility impaired and will protect guest in all weather conditions.

Single dorm buildingDorm room entrance

Accessible bathroom

Set of three dorms

Dual sinks with mirror

Spacious interior

Four twin beds with dressers





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