Education Building


This renovated barn houses 22 rooms with a wide variety of uses. This building will become a center point for both our training center for disability awareness and also to hosts workshops, retreats, and other events such as receptions, performing arts productions and many more. The only drawback with this building is one’s imagination. It has a lot of uses and will have a favorite area for each guest. Below are some of the rooms. This building is completely accessible and located on the main campus.

There is also a state of the art dance studio and yoga equipment. This provides a great time of learning some new dance steps, participating in wheel chair aerobics or learning various meditation techniques to help clear your mind. This studio will have trained instructors to help facilitate structured classes or just free time to experiment. We will also invite local talent in to teach about various period dancing and learn about the customs and costumes.

This kitchen is fully equipped with up-to-date appliances. All the cooking hardware such as pans, bowls, utensils are included. There are delightful extras such as a salad bar and pizza oven. There are also enough plates, cups and silverware to accommodate guests.

The kitchen will have a manager with proper education to understand the needs of our guests and accommodate accordingly. This manager will decide on how many workers will be needed in the kitchen. All workers will have current training in dietary needs and sanitation.

This kitchen also has a loading dock so local suppliers will not have to be in the same area as guests. This is not only convenient for the kitchen staff, but also helps encourage safety for our guests.

There are 12 classrooms in the education building. These well lit and spacious rooms will be excellent for holding various types of workshops and classes.

Specific uses have not been identified for each, but these classrooms are fully accessible and contain all the desks and chairs. There is also enough extra furniture to make some of these rooms have tables and chairs or perhaps leather couches with coffee tables. It is exciting the endless potential of these rooms.

panorama education building

Left hallway

Entrance to the education building

right hallway

Dance/Yoga Studio

Kitchen - Dishwasher


Admin office


Accessible Bathroom






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