Good Friday

who will mock him and spit on him, flog him and kill him.
Three days later he will rise.”
What exactly is “good” in Good Friday? Good Friday remembers the excruciating sacrifice that Jesus withstood on the Cross. He was beaten and tortured so each of us who believe may have eternal life. Jesus took our sin, shame, and burdens, so we will be white as snow to our heavenly father. What man intended for evil through Jesus’ death; God turned to good for all humanity! So even though this day is filled with immeasurable pain and suffering; we will have a place in eternity forever. 
I want you to focus on the broken body of Jesus as He hung on that cross. Every time we partake in communion we are remembering this sacrifice. As Christians we take comfort in knowing that the blood and body of Jesus was shed for our atonement. This means that we are thankful for, appreciate, and celebrate Jesus’ cruxifixction.
Let’s continue to look at the brokenness aspect of Jesus Christ’s body. Mark 10:34 talks of the unspeakable cruelty that Christ endured both emotionally, and physically. Yet he was still able to rise again on the third day. Praise be to God! This short little verse shows that disabilities are not what defines us, but what we do with them. We need to help others see our triumph and not just hear the complaining of our frustrations with our limitations. Jesus died broken in so many ways but his victory of resurrection allows each of us, as believers, the ability to have the security of eternal life.
It is my prayer that on this Good Friday you look past the brokenness of Christ and instead focus on the resurrection of Christ. Also, when you feel so rejected for your disability remember every time you partake in the Lord’s Supper you are embracing the idea that Jesus’ body was broken for you. Take peace in knowing that you will be whole in eternity.

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