Happy Mom’s Day


Isaiah 49:15

Can a woman forget her nursing child,
    and have no compassion on the son of her womb?
Even these may forget,
    yet I will not forget.

As a disabled mom and a mom with disabled children….I have been pondering on what memories bring a smile and what may bring tears. The reason I bring up the disability aspect is that this has added new experiences to our home that others may not have. Just as a family with a traveling mom or perhaps a family setting where there are several generations living together. Bringing up the disability is not to gain pity, but just reflect on possible memories afforded us.

One memory that brings a chuckle is of my middle son feeling so left out, because he didn’t have the need to go to several doctor appointments. He felt gipped and made this very clear. Little did he know that he would make up for this later in life with several broken bones and concussions.

Chris developed an interesting style of communication when he was a toddler. It consisted of many grunts, words spoken quickly and total frustration when you could not understand the first time what he was saying. As a proud mommy I have to say I picked up the Chris language rather quickly and became an interpreter. As months passed by, during a physical his doctor said he should go for a speech evaluation. Chris was overjoyed. He finally had his own doctor and his own issues and none of us had this same condition. It turned out he needed speech therapy and this was such a honor for him. I chuckle thinking that most parents would dread another appointment in their day, but we knew how much this meant to Chris.

He later realized that all of us have some type of short comings which may or may not have a medical label. 

Another memory, yes of Chris again, relates to his little sister. Ken and I kept noticing that many of her feeding tube supplies and other medical equipment was not where it belonged. Life was busy and we noticed, but didn’t find out why. Amanda was coming down with another ear infection and we knew she may have to go back into the hospital. Chris heard us and declared that he would not let us put her back in that place that made her so sick. We asked what he wanted us to do…and he said nothing. He was going to run away to find a place to make her better. Apparently he had been squirreling away the supplies to have enough for this get away….I have to say for his age of 4..he was a great packer.

We explained that the hospital didn’t make her sicker and that instead it helped. At that age he still disagreed, but we thanked him for being such an awesome brother.

Whether you have kids still at home or maybe you do not have any kids…I hope you can think of a memory that makes you smile. it is never to late to go out and make a memory with your child or bless someone else.

It is my prayer that all the moms out there have a wonderful day and that most of all they share a memory with a child. Memories are free and yet priceless. 

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