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Amazing treasure found in the Northeast Kingdom of VT. ready for Seek the Son to purchase and immediately open a retreat/training centre for the disabled.

Seek the Son Ministries, with some help from friends, discovered 300 acres with 17 buildings that are ready to go.

This property was a school and it contains several unique features such as a fully equipped education building with several classrooms, a theater, dance studio, cafeteria, & library. The candy barn contains several offices with a woodshop and exercise equipment. There are many renovated barns, but one of the most beautiful, houses a rec center that looks out over a pond with the mountains in the distance. There are six dorms on the property that will house comfortably 96 people. There are also 3 other residences that would host many families. The property meets Seek the Son’s criteria for a year round retreat center and training facility. This property will encourage reconciliation, recreation, and reflection for the disabled.

We need your help to purchase the property as soon as possible. Any donation size is welcome. If you wish to see the property please contact us and we will make that happen. Any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Help us to emphasize the ability in “dis”ability and make this dream a reality!

Take a quick tour with us. Click on an image to see what’s inside.

Check back often: Audio and visual presentations will be coming soon.

Education Building

Back of Clark Building

Front porch of Clark Buildingclass=

Single dormitory

Candy Barn


Horse Barn

One room schoolhouse

King George House

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