Rearview Mirror

I am republishing this as a tribute to Laurie Blaise-Palmer and to all who have loved someone through cancer.

Yes….I am on a journey with Jesus. This journey has been full of ups and downs, but until I decided to walk with Jesus…this journey felt useless and so alone.

Now I travel with Jesus and at times the road is challenging, but I know my purpose. I am a wife, Mom, friend, pastor, teacher, but most of all a follower of Christ. I find myself on this journey with some baggage that makes me unique. I am hearing impaired and totally blind. I also have Meniere’s and never know when life might decide to take a side trip.

I want others to share my journey and their own personal travels. I am starting this blog/forum as an avenue to begin to share ideas, feelings, resources and our love for Jesus.

A year and a half ago a dear friend of mine, Laurie Blaise Palmer, insisted I start a blog for others to interact with the topic of living our lives with disabilities. Laurie was a incredible friend and we e-mailed several times a week encouraging one another to face our challenges. Laurie loved the Lord and wanted everyone to know of her love. I promised her right before she went home to be with the Lord…I would begin this endeavor…Laurie the journey has now started. Laurie always ended her e-mail with this tag line…..

Life is short, Forgive quickly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, Shine brightly, And never regret anything that made you smile.

This blog will be available for anyone who chooses to participate. Topics will range from forgiveness, grace, resources or whatever we find on the road to talk about. Please feel free to dialogue about topics and submit articles for this blog.

Our journey is never alone and as brothers and sisters of Christ, it seems important to take a few minutes and share our life lessons to help one another in our quest to become more Christ-like.

Here is a poem that Laurie wrote in the midst of her struggle with cancer. Laurie I miss you and love you, but know you are happy and always smiling. Thanks for listening to me and motivating me to start this process.


  Each time I gaze in my rear-view mirror, 

I am amazed at the view that I see.

I ponder the bad, the scary and sad,

  Then smile as God sets me free.

  I notice there never has been a time in my life,

  Where God hasn’t fixed what was bad.

  With compassion, strength or His never ending love,

  My smile has shined through the sad.

  God is always there with His hands full of stuff,

  That has cluttered my path through the day.

  Saying don’t worry Laurie – I’ll keep it clean,

  If you keep walking the path that I lay.

I forget about the mirror when the times are so tough and my burdens seem hard to get through, But God’s always there and the next time I look.




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