Show a Lot of Kindness

Luke 6:31

Do on to others as you would have them do to you.

November 13 is #WorldKindnessDay. It amazes me and breaks my heart that we need to be reminded to be kind. I am all for cheering on acts of kindness or giving credit to positive initiatives that have led to more diplomacy. I think my problem is more with how stingy we can be with kindness. I am also to blame here.

How many times do we quickly jump to a conclusion about how we will be accepted or treated because of our disability. I feel my body tense up… I hold in sighs instead of taking a big cleansing breath. My anticipation is negative and I wonder how much this is visually interpreted by the new person. I need to make a concerted effort to feel positive on the inside and this will bring about positive on the outside. I hate admitting it, but my behaviors are judgemental and wrong.

This verse reminds us of the #goldenrule we were taught over and over. Even outside of church. I want people to reach out to me in kindness and overall have a positive interaction. This means I need to both mentally, and body language wise, need to stop reaching out with negativity.

What about you? How do you reach out to others? Is there lacking kindness towards you? Take a moment and see what you display to others. Also check out this blog #DjiboutiJones where she talks about “love bubbles”

It is my prayer that you find ways to increase your kindness meter. Let’s make everyday be #WorldKindnessDay. Ask God to help you show more kindness and I expect you will start seeing more kindness in return.

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