The other side of disability-Obligation

Matthew 14:14

When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them and healed their sick.

An obligation is a course of action someone is “required” to take, whether legal or moral.

We all face obligations every day. We have deadlines at work. We need to maintain our homes. Homework is due at school, and we need to strengthen our relationship with God and fellow believers at church. Those obligations help us succeed in life. I emphasized the word “required” to point out the fact we need those obligations for our own reasons. We have no choice in those obligations if we want an abundant life. 

If you are caring for a disabled loved one, “required”  is NOT part of the definition. Why, because there is no obligation in love. When you care for a disabled person, you are being Jesus with skin on. Jesus ministered to people no-one even wanted to touch. He did it not out of obligation. He did it for love. In Matthew 14:14 Jesus healed the sick not out of obligation.  

So, as you are care taking for that loved one, remember that love is more powerful than obligation. You are not “required” to be a caretaker. You do it for the love of that person you are caring for but most importantly for the love of our heavenly Father. 

It is my prayer that you feel that sense of love and know that God is with you and will always love you.  

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