You are never alone

Psalm 47:8

God reigns over the nations;
    God is seated on his holy throne.

Whether you are disabled or not; it seems we all go through extremely trying times. Times of desperation, fear, loneliness and so much more. Are you really alone in these struggles? Absolutely not, as a believer in Jesus Christ, we have the assurance that God is always there. Our verse for today speaks of how God is sitting on his throne.

Take a moment and think back at a time where you felt so scared and hopeless. I remember when my son Chris called Ken and I while we were on a retreat up in the mountains of Vermont. He was just diagnosed with a highly aggressive form of cancer that was in his eye. I felt so incredibly helpless. Chris said the doctor let him know that the surgery had to happen very soon and that the surgery could cause death.

I remember hanging up with him and just sobbing. Ken and I joined hands and immediately started praying. Ken and I have gone through so many crises, but this one just seemed insurmountable. We were eleven hundred miles away and our 20 year old son was looking at possibly losing his vision or even worse his life. When we started to pray, an outpouring of peace entered my body. This sounds crazy, I know, but I felt peace going through my veins like blood.

We made immediate plans to head back to North Dakota. God put it on a friend’s heart to go up to North Dakota for us. This couple loved on Chris and his family for the next two days. They also went to doctor’s appointments for moral support for Chris. I was so blessed that God was not only present, but he realized that human flesh was needed to bring comfort and strength to Chris.

As God sits on his throne, he doesn’t sit there wringing his hands together and worrying. God already knows what will happen. God reigns over all the nations, people and creatures in each nation. God knows every star in the sky and every stalk of wheat blowing in the wind.

It is my prayer that when you are faced with an overwhelming circumstance, you bow your head and lift your hands to God who sits on His throne. Remember God is there and he will take care of your every need! Praise be to God!

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