Empowering the Disabled

The World Health Organization estimates that 15% of the world population live with a disability. This is approximately one billion individuals.  

In Countries with life expectancy over 70 years; on average a person spends 8 1/2 years with a disability or 11..5% of their lifespan. “Disabled World”

According to the United Nations development program; 80% of persons with disabilities live in developing countries.

The World bank reports that 20% of the poorest people have some type of disability and they are thought of in their community as the most disadvantaged.

Only 45 countries have anti-discrimination laws or other disability laws. 

90% of children with a disability in developing countries do not attend school according to UNESCO


Seek the Son Ministries is heading outdoors. Trekking with Jesus will encourage people affected by disabilities to  explore God in Nature and help them realize their role in God’s plan. We also strive to create virtual spaces to network with other disabled individuals and strengthen each other’s walk with Christ.

Equipping the Church

Lausanne paper 35b states that 85% of the churches polled indicated that they lack the knowledge, training, or leadership necessary to launch a disability ministry. The mandate of welcoming all to the great banquet, Luke 14:12-24, impassions us to equip churches and para-ministries to fulfill this need. We also desire to make Jesus real to the disability community, through a servant’s heart found in John 13:1 – 17.